Development and characterization of a nanocarrier for enhanced delivery of benznidazole during acute and chronic T. cruzi infection

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Dr. Evan Scott has expertise in the fabrication and in vivo application of targeted nanomaterials for the controlled delivery of therapeutics. He will be responsible for the design, synthesis, characterization and drug loading of polymeric nanocarriers containing benznidazole payloads. He will oversee the scalable fabrication and shipping of these materials for experiments in mouse models of trypanosoma parasitemia and autoimmune myocarditis at Cedars-Sinai, which will be performed by Dr. Engman.
Effective start/end date3/6/1912/31/19


  • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (0001552826 // 1R21AI144529-01)
  • National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (0001552826 // 1R21AI144529-01)


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