Development and Pre-clinical Validation of Sorafenib-Eluting Embolic Microspheres to Enhance Therapeutic efficacy of Lipiodol TACE

  • Larson, Andrew Christian (PD/PI)

Project: Research project

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The objective of this proposal is to develop a new paradigm for Lipiodol TACE. An innovative anti-angiogenic drug-eluting microsphere platform will serve as the embolic material used during conventional TACE methods (involving Lipiodol + Doxorubicin) to enhance therapeutic outcomes. We will optimize the synthesis protocols for these sorafenib-eluting embolic microspheres and ultimately validate that the Lipiodol TACE + sorafenib-eluting embolic microsphere method permits superior outcomes in an orthotropic rodent HCC model.
Effective start/end date11/1/1611/1/19


  • Guerbet LLC (Agmt 11/01/16)


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