Development of a standardized measure of social-communication abilities for children with neurodevelopmental disorders

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The team at Northwestern University Department of Medical Social Sciences (MSS) will coordinate analytic support for the proposed R01 application entitled Development of a standardized measure of social-communication abilities for children with neurodevelopmental disorders. We will conduct secondary data analyses to determine content most responsive and differentially predictive of social-communication. We will provide consultation to the other analytic specialists at other sites, coordinate efforts across sites, conduct data aggregation, screening, and cleaning, and synthesize results. The site lead, Dr. Kaat, will participate in regularly scheduled meetings with the prime site and other subawards and supervise meetings with the project staff at MSS. Objectives and Tasks: • Conduct data cleaning and aggregation at to-be-determined transmission intervals. • Analyze existing data using various latent variable models included item response theory (IRT)-based differential item functioning, and measurement model of derivative analyses. • Coordinate analytic efforts across other subawards, including predictive machine learning models. Contribute to any manuscript preparation conducted as part of this project, including analytic support, consultation, or review, as needed. • Conduct exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses on the candidate item pool for the new standardized measure of social-communication. • Calibrate the final item pool using IRT models for the new standardized measure. • Evaluate the field-test of the computerized adaptive test version of the new measure Deliverables: • Year 1: o Conduct analyses of existing data and prepare an internal technical report. • Year 2: o Prepare a publication for submission based on the measurement model of derivatives and/or the differential item functioning results from existing data; revise and resubmit as necessary. o Submit paper or poster for dissemination efforts at a to-be-determine
Effective start/end date8/15/1712/31/22


  • University of California, San Francisco (10364sc // 5R01HD093012-04)
  • National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (10364sc // 5R01HD093012-04)


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