Development of the next generation low-cost ultrahigh strength steel facilitated by advanced high spatial resolution ex-situ and in-situ characterizations

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Based on the preliminary investigations on our previously designed low-cost dual phase strengthened steel, we have gained some experiences in designing the steels with a balance of strength and toughness. Our plan is to design a better low-cost steel with strength and toughness surpassing those of Aermet100 and M54. The target strength and fracture toughness will be around 2100 MPa and 120 MPa·m1/2. We will utilize thermodynamic modelling method via ThermoCalc to design the next generation steels with optimized beneficial microstructures which can potentially deliver the best combination of cost, strength, and toughness. Metallurgical study of newly designed steels and associated mechanical properties need to be performed in collaboration with research groups at BIAM.
Effective start/end date9/1/203/5/21


  • Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials (HU AGMT 12/2/20)


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