Development of ultrasound imaging phantoms appropriate for quantification of muscle fascicle architecture and mechanical properties

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Dr. Perreault’s team has evaluated the utility of ultrasound elastography, comparing direct measurements of stiffness with ultrasound measurements of shear wave velocity in animal models, as well as completing novel assessments of viscoelastic properties of muscle. In association with his previous work, a methodology for producing an initial phantom via 3D printing has been defined. The TBH Research Associate will work with Dr. Perreault and his research team at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab to evaluate these past accomplishments and understand the outstanding issues. Dr. Perreault will advise on all matters associated with defining phantom specifications for muscle material properties, and he will facilitate the collaboration with Dr. Sun on Northwestern University’s Engineering Campus. Dr. Sun has extensive experience with development of scalable micro-/nano-fabrication technologies with the strong emphasis on high-resolution additive manufacturing process. Dr. Sun provides valuable and unique expertise needed to complete the proposed research. The TBH Research Associate will use Dr. Sun’s laboratory, printing, and fabrication systems to develop and print the proposed phantoms.
Effective start/end date7/12/215/31/23


  • Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital (IPA AGMT. Signed 7/12/22)


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