Discovery of novel small molecule antidepressants

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Drs. Chetkovich and Schiltz are currently PIs of this multi-PI NIH R01. Dr. Chetkovich moved to Vanderbilty University on September 1, Dr. Schiltz will remain a PI on the NIH grant, as well as the subcontract PI at Northwestern.

Dr. Gary Schiltz will work closely with Dr. Chetkovich to advise on the development and implementation of high-throughput screening assays to identify and develop TRIP8b antagonists. He will oversee the other Northwestern personnel, Drs. Clutter and Luan, who are responsible for carrying out the in vitro testing of compound libraries, validation of screening hits, and screening new analogs. He will oversee the work of Dr. Mishra who carries outmolecular modeling of TRIP8b to help evaluate and design new compounds. He will also oversee the work of the postdoctoral fellow on this project who support the molecular design, synthesis, and characterization of new TRIP8b antagonists. Dr. Schiltz will continue to work closely with Dr. Chetkovich to evaluate research progress and decide on appropriate experiments to advance project goals, as well as to prepare manuscripts based on the work, and in the dissemination of research products.
Effective start/end date2/1/181/31/20


  • Vanderbilt University (VUMC64676//7R01MH106511-03)
  • National Institute of Mental Health (VUMC64676//7R01MH106511-03)


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