Disorder engineering: A Geometry-Enhanced Network Theory for irregular METamaterials (GENT-MET)

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As part of this Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) led by Prof. Chiara Daraio (California Institute of Technology), the Northwestern University (NU) team will contribute to the theoretical and computational development, analysis, and application of a network framework that accounts for both topological and geometrical aspects of irregular metamaterials. In addition, the NU team will be responsible for studying implications of this new network framework in the broader context of network science. The NU team will collaborate with researchers from the participating institutions, especially in network-related aspects of the project such as the development and application of machine learning models for metamaterial network discovery and design. The results of this research will be submitted for publications in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at scientific meetings. The NU team will consist of Prof. Adilson E. Motter (local Co-PI), a graduate student (with partial time effort committed to this project), and a postdoctoral researcher (also with partial time effort committed to this project). Members of the team will fulfill the reporting requirements and participate in the annual research and review meetings planned as part of this MURI project.
Effective start/end date9/1/2211/30/28


  • California Institute of Technology (S576544 Amendment 3 // W911NF2220109)
  • Army Research Office (S576544 Amendment 3 // W911NF2220109)


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