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Consultant will provide the Work for Foundation’s African Health Initiative (AHI) staff to continue to strengthen the support, monitoring, learning and dissemination from the Foundation-funded African Health Initiative Phase Two Projects being implemented in Ghana, Mozambique and Ethiopia. The Work will include the following specific Tasks: 1. Strengthen the focus on quality as a core theme throughout the AHI Phase Two projects’ work including measurement, improvement and including capturing care delivery as well as the planned inputs and outcomes a. Input into AHI program reporting forms and requirements to ensure prospective capture of key areas of work including quality measurement and work to improve gaps and progress towards meeting the program goals (implementation and impact) b. Review of AHI grantee reports and written and verbal feedback and cross-program synthesis to help Foundation’s core team in providing feedback and identifying opportunities for increased learning from and across the grantee teams 2. Support work of the Foundation’s AHI team in developing and implementing a strategy and plan to ensure ongoing exchange between Ghana, Mozambique, and Ethiopia country program leaders to share experiences and identify specific areas where collaborations and more active co-learning is of benefit a. Development of a strategy to increase value of interchange between programs during annual AHI grantee meetings, PI meetings, and other opportunities synergized with the World Health Organization Learning, Engaging, and Advocating for Policy and Systems Research (LEAP Forum) effort b. Identify opportunities for and facilitate 1-3 cross country project exchanges between Ghana, Mozambique, and Ethiopia teams per year in areas of common focus to support active collaboration and potential manuscripts 3. Assist in dissemination activities including supporting development of papers, conference presentations and other approaches. Work with WHO LEAP Forum, as requested, to coordinate publications and support or co-author (if requested) papers or presentations. a. Support or lead development of reports and other dissemination work led by the Foundation’s AHI team, as requested by Foundation b. Participate in planning meetings and convenings 4. Assist in the development of an application for a Bellagio meeting featuring experts in the space of health systems strengthening, maternal newborn child health, quality improvement, as well as bilateral funders/multilateral funders/private philanthropy. Work with Foundation’s staff and AHI Advisors to determine meeting content and anticipated outcomes. a. Completed application for Bellagio meeting b. Support agenda development, invitations and provide facilitation at the conference, if accepted 5. When appropriate and feasible, align data collection with similar health projects so data can be cross compared or contribute to a larger conversation a. Review and provide suggestions on an ongoing basis 6. Participate in and attend annual site visits to Ghana, Mozambique, and Ethiopia and other key meetings, as requested by Foundation a. Attendance and active participation including facilitation or presentations, as requested by Foundation b. Provide written feedback on lessons extracted from meetings and input into potential next steps to build on the opportunities 7. Update the Foundation on developments in the field of data and clinical quality improvement a. Participate in regular calls or in-person meetings to update Foundation’s AHI staff b. Provide additional re
Effective start/end date7/1/179/30/21


  • Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (Agmt 9/6/17)


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