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The proposed project (DPPOS Follow-up), will study the DPPOS cohort for 10 more years, taking advantage of the long-term randomized exposure to MET and the densely phenotyped and genotyped DPPOS cohort (n=2776), including ~1500 patients with known T2D duration and ~1200 who have not developed T2D, to address yet unanswered questions about long-term exposure to MET and ILS initiated early in the course of dysglycemia. DPPOS Follow-up will examine outcomes that are of increasing public health concern in an aging population with pre-diabetes and T2D, including the development of CVD, cancer, and concomitant quality of life. The overarching goals of DPPOS Follow-up are to examine efficiently: 1) the putative benefits of metformin therapy begun early in the prediabetic phase on risk for CVD and cancer; 2) the very long-term effects of T2D prevention with ILS and MET by intention-to-treat on further development of diabetes, and on traditional and more recently recognized complications of dysglycemia; and 3) the modern day clinical course of dysglycemia and its associated complications, based on both categorical diagnoses (pre-diabetes vs. diabetes) as well as a continuum, including a careful analysis of interactions with DPP interventions as well as established and novel risk factors.
Effective start/end date2/5/151/31/16


  • National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (2U01DK048380-22)


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