Outreach Support for Young Scholars Program and College Scholarship Program (2019-20 Grant Portion)

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For this grant cycle, we propose more intensive outreach activities to schools with whom we have an established relationship (through previous grant work) or with whom we have recently entered a contract for program evaluation and professional learning (part of our recently expanded school services department). Directing resources to organizations that have already indicated a commitment to improving their gifted programs and serving more students from low-income households increases the impact of the funds and our chances of success. Most of these schools and organizations have a larger pool of potentially eligible students than we are currently reaching. In addition, expanding our support of partners will help incentivize them to keep current students engaged in programming and on a talent development trajectory. CTD proposes working with as many of the following schools, districts, community organizations, and families as grant funds will allow in the identified areas: 1. Through outreach to current families, school contacts, and community contacts, provide fee waivers for low-income students (grades 6 and 7) to take the PSAT 8/9, SAT or ACT. (Total Cost: $16,000; Approximately 235 students served, average of $68 per test fee) 2. CTD Summer Programs participation and NUMATS assessment for students in the schools below (Total Cost - $44,500 for scholarships and $4,000 for test fees; Students Served - Approximately 50-60 students for testing; 16-20 students for summer programs): Palmer Elementary, Chicago, IL; Chicago Collegiate Charter School, Chicago, IL; Chicago Jesuit Academy, Chicago, IL; Galapagos Charter School, Rockford, IL; 21st Century Charter School, Gary, IN 3. CTD Summer Program participation for students participating in MetroSquash (Chicago area and national). (Total Cost - $6,000 for tuition scholarships; 3 Students Served) MetroSquash is a national organization, with chapters in Chicago and Evanston in Illinois and in other cities on the
Effective start/end date6/1/198/31/20


  • Jack Kent Cooke Foundation (Check 05926)


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