Pilot Testing, Refinement, and Validating of the NBT, and Preparation for Norming Study (NIH Infant and Toddler Toolbox: TO 2)

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The scope of work for TO2 includes the tasks the NU led Baby Toolbox Team will perform to identify and establish the requisite resources needed to build and support the NBT platform: a) Acquire the hardware needed to administer the NBT; b) Develop the training materials for the battery; c) Train an initial cohort of test administrators, who will conduct the general population validation study; d) Recruit parent-child dyads; e) Pilot and validate the NBT with the dyads; f) Transmit the data back to a central data repository; g) Ensure data quality and accuracy; h) Analyze the data to ensure the tests are functioning adequately; and i) Analyze the procedures used to acquire, transmit, and aggregate the data, to maintain compliance with federal regulations and ensure that the procedures are sufficient for the anticipated quantity of data to be developed. The work performed for TO2 will provide formative information on the refinement of the test battery and testing procedures, which will support the broader NBT initiative. Successful completion of TO2 will demonstrate our readiness to conduct a national norming study of the NBT with infants and toddlers between 1 and 42 months of age from both English- and Spanish-speaking households.
Effective start/end date9/18/203/31/22


  • National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (75N94019D00005 P00002)


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