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This Northwestern site will be responsible for guiding and supporting the analytic work involving the elaborated mediational modeling of implementation of the Good Behavior Game throughout the study. Working closely with AIR staff, they will consult on planning and translating the research aims into analytic strategies required of these sophisticated multilevel data. They will provide input on model selection and handling of missing data and accounting for measurement errors in these data. They will also work with the site at the University of South Florida on the statistical power of this design. The Northwestern site will review and prepare abstracts and presentations for scientific meetings, and participate or lead in publications as directed by AIR. In addition, Northwestern will examine alternative ways that technology can be used to support the implementation of the Good Behavior Game with fidelity. In combination with AIR interests in extending plans for monitoring and feedback of teachers’ use of the Good Behavior Game in classes, we will explore ways to capture relevant fidelity data while the Good Behavior Game is played, sending and retrieving this information, presenting this information in ways that can be used by teachers and/or coaches, and connecting with existing AIR technologies for the Good Behavior Game.
Effective start/end date7/1/13 → 6/30/14


  • American Institutes for Research (01209-02794 // R305A090446)
  • Institute of Education Sciences (01209-02794 // R305A090446)


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