EarthCube IA: Collaborative Proposal: Advancing biogeoscience community standards and cyberinfrastructure via Critical Zone domain engagement in synthesis science

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EarthCube (EC) is entering a critical stage of its development; as the first sets of funded tools and programs come online, EC integrative activities are needed to actively engage scientists and solicit input on the functionality of these tools and programs. Several EC-funded and related cyberinfrastructure (CI) projects have direct applications for the Critical Zone (CZ) community, including BiG CZ SSI, CZOData, and CINERGI. The recent expansion of the Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) program across the United States has increased the membership of this important geosciences network. A series of NSF SAVI-funded workshops across the CZOs will galvanize these communities in 2015, instigating cross-CZO collaborations. Two of the funded SAVI-funded workshops are on biogeosciences-related topics across the CZO network, and with partner networks internationally. These cross-CZO collaborations can provide a perfect test bed for the EC funded CZ-related tools. This proposal would bring several EC and related tools into the hands of a large group of CZO scientists in the form of training sessions and testbed workshops. Direct involvement of members of the software development teams will facilitate the training of these members of the CZ community in newly developed software. Further, the response of the CZ scientists to the tools can foster scientist-driven software improvements and identify remaining gaps and needs for further Earthcube CI development based on these direct end-user engagements. Finally, the CZ scientists involved will use these tools in a set of real-life use cases, in the form of the analysis of collaboratively designed Cross-CZO biogeochemistry, and related microbial ecology, experiments and measurements. This project will catalyze engagement of CZ domain scientists in EC, and demonstrate the immense benefits of EC products to scientists. The proposed work will thus yield critical synergies between EC developers and CZ end-user communities that are expected to have enduring and important impacts.
Effective start/end date9/1/158/31/17


  • National Science Foundation (ICER‐1540938)


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