ECHO PRO Research Resource: A Developmentally-based Measurement Science Framework for Assessing Environmental Exposure and Child Health

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Specific Aims: Please put in SharePoint as the version to edit As the group that led the initial development and validation of the NIH Toolbox, Neuro-QoL and PROMIS measurement systems, and that now curates and distributes them to the research community, we propose an efficient housing of the ECHO PRO Core within our existing and fully-operational curation and distribution hub ( and Co-locating ECHO PRO within HealthMeasures and Assessment Center allows us to propose an ambitious plan for new measure development and validation, where needed, for ECHO success, expert consultation, participation in common data element information exchanges, and analytic support surrounding PRO data collected across the network. The scope of responsibility for the ECHO PRO Core will include: 1) maintaining and providing adult and pediatric exposure and health assessments that include self-report (i.e., PROs) as well as observational measures of child behavior, parent-child interaction and teacher-child interaction; 2) assisting sites with inclusion and appropriate use of PROs and observational measures into the ECHO studies; 3) developing and validating new instruments, and modifications of existing instruments where necessary; and 4) advising on data analysis that includes ECHO PRO tools, including conducting psychometric analyses to evaluate new and existing measures as they perform in the ECHO Consortium. To achieve this ambitious scope, we propose four specific aims aligned with the elements required under RFA-OD-16-003: Specific Aim 1: To serve as the ECHO PRO research resource, providing direction and expertise on the selection, development and validation of self-report and observational measures assessing the impact of environmental exposures on children’s health outcomes. Specific Aim 2: To standardize, organize, curate and analyze the data arising from the PRO core element data collection at the Cohort Sites. Specific Aim 3: To provide the software and hardware necessary to support the collection, transfer and storage of the PRO data collected by the Consortium. Specific Aim 4: To provide overall management, coordination and communication regarding the work of the ECHO PRO Core with the NIH, CC and other ECHO constituents.
Effective start/end date9/21/168/31/19


  • Office of the Director, National Institutes of Health (1U24OD023319-01 REVISED)


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