ECOG-ACRIN NCORP Research Base: Cancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)

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Scope of Work Northwestern University investigators will provide expertise and oversight to ECOG-ACRIN’s Cancer Care Delivery Research program and activities. Dr. Lynne Wagner is Multiple-PI of the ECOG-ACRIN NCORP Research Base and will serve as a Co-Chair for the overarching Cancer Care Delivery Research Committee, providing expertise and overseeing research conducted through this committee. Upon Dr. Wagner’s move from Northwestern University to Wake Forest University in March 2015, Dr. David Cella will assume responsibilities as Northwestern University’s lead investigator for the Cancer Care Delivery Research program. Dr. Al Benson will Co-Chair the Cancer Care Delivery Research Committee, alongside Dr. Wagner, and he will Chair the Care Access and Cost Subcommittee of the Cancer Care Delivery Research Committee. He will leverage his existing collaborations with the Center for Business Models in Healthcare and with the Patient Advocate Foundation to advance ECOG-ACRIN's collaborations with these groups. Dr. Timothy Pearman will serve as the Chair of the Supportive Oncology Care Delivery Subcommittee of the ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Care Delivery Research Committee. Dr. Pearman will provide valuable insights on cancer care delivery research, given his clinical role and oversight of supportive oncology clinicians and programs at the Lurie Cancer Center. The investigators will participate in group meetings and conference calls, collaborate with ECOG-ACRIN committees and investigators in the development of concepts and protocols in their areas of expertise, and contribute to conference presentations and manuscripts to disseminate results from ECOG-ACRIN trials.
Effective start/end date8/1/147/31/19


  • ECOG-ACRIN Medical Research Foundation, Inc. (1UG1CA189828-01-NWU2//UG1CA189828-0)
  • National Cancer Institute (1UG1CA189828-01-NWU2//UG1CA189828-0)


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