ECOG-ACRIN Operations Center (PI Committee)

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Dr. Al Benson, Medical Oncologist at the Robert H Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, will be responsible for the conduct of ECOG-ACRIN activities within Northwestern University’s clinical research program. He will represent Northwestern as a voting member of the Principal Investigator Committee, which is responsible for: election and recall of the Group Co-Chairs; election of other leadership positions ; approval by majority vote of new members; constitutional changes; election of the Nominating Committee; approval of Group policy; conducting annual review of participating institutions; approval of Principal Investigators at Member Institutions; other areas of Group activities as requested by the Group Co-Chairs.
Effective start/end date4/29/142/28/19


  • ECOG-ACRIN Medical Research Foundation, Inc. (U10CA180820-01-NWU2 // U10CA180820-01-NWU2)
  • National Cancer Institute (U10CA180820-01-NWU2 // U10CA180820-01-NWU2)


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