Effect of IL-7 and anti-VEGF on tumor immune infiltration of lung adenocarcinoma

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The immune system is a key line of defense against lung tumors. However, recent advances that have improved the antitumor immune responses have only been partially successful in controlling or eradicating lung tumors. This is due, in part, to factors that support haphazard vascularization within the tumor environment. The abnormal vessels negatively affect the ability of immune cells such as dendritic cells and T cells to infiltrate into lung tumors and to mature properly into cells that effectively control tumor growth. The goal of this study is to determine if drugs that block haphazard vessel formation and those that promote migration of immune cells can improve the ability of dendritic cells and T cells to infiltrate lung tumors and improve tumor control. Mouse models of lung cancer will be used to study the changes that occur in the types of immune cells well as the formation of aggregates of immune cells in the tumor environment that support effective anti-tumor immune response.
Effective start/end date7/1/213/31/22


  • American Lung Association (CA-826809)


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