Elucidation of the molecular etiology of GCTs by using a new mouse model of GCT

  • Kim, So-Youn (PD/PI)

Project: Research project

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Granulosa cell tumors are classified as sex-cord stromal tumors and represent ~5% of ovarian tumors. Approximately 50% of GCT patients relapse after surgery and die from this disease. Therefore, it is important to develop biomarkers to test the incidence, progression and recurrence of the tumor. Thus, we will study the role of activin A signaling in the progression of GCT. This fundamental knowledge will contribute to the development of therapeutic options for the disease. The altered pathway and gene expression profiles of GCT by local/systemic extrinsic factors will be identified through a new mouse model for granulosa cell tumors that I made. This will create a better understanding of GCT on a molecular level.
Effective start/end date6/21/176/20/18


  • Granulosa Cell Tumour Research Foundation (AGREEMENT 6/16/17)


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