Enhanced Grant Writing Coaching Groups for a Diverse Biomedical Workforce

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Dr. McGee has been the leader of one of the 4 grant writing coaching groups deployed and tested during the first NRMN award. He also has led the training of the largest number of coaches who have been the backbone of most of the groups. The online tools he has developed for teaching the rhetorical patterns of NIH-style proposals have been adopted by most of the coaching group designs. He also has led the design and collection of interview data from coaches to understand how they have responded to and adopted the coaching group methods outside of NRMN. For the proposed U01, he will devote 10% effort (1.2 calendar months) to the project through the following work: 1. Serve on the leadership team for regularly scheduled virtual meetings to discuss research strategies, designs, and collection of qualitative research data 2. Contribute to the review of applicants to the study and determinations of whether or not each person meets inclusion criteria 3. Interface with potential participants to answer questions 4. Contribute to refinement of the pre-selection interview protocol as it continues to be used 5. Participate in outreach to potential new coaches, again answering questions they may have about the coaching group process 6. Contribute to training of new coaches 7. Participate in the kick-off of most cohorts to contribute to introduction of the teaching designs he has developed, including the use of oral feedback to complement written feedback 8. Contribute to development of survey and interview protocols for the deep study of the reasons why study subjects do and don’t submit proposals, and the reasons some proposals are not funded 9. Contribute to conversations with individualized into the continuing support to help design ongoing efforts to help them ultimately be funded 10. Contribute to qualitative data analysis and papers describing findings
Effective start/end date7/1/196/30/24


  • University of Utah (10050224-03 Amendment 5 // 5U01GM132366-05)
  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences (10050224-03 Amendment 5 // 5U01GM132366-05)


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