Enhancing Gun Violence Prevention through Network Science

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Network science has produced significant insights into the concentration of gun violence in small and identifiable social networks as well as how victimization spreads in such networks through a process of social contagion. This project has two central objectives: first, to advance a network scientific approach to understanding patterns of gun violence victimization and, second, to deploy this science to help guide gun violence reduction efforts in a major U.S. city: Chicago, IL. These objectives will be developed through three interrelated phases: (1) to develop and integrate network tools and analytics into the decision-making process of gun violence prevention efforts; (2) to employ network methods to help guide and amplify street outreach and service provision programming in two Chicago communities; and (3) to develop a series of recommendations and practices for the fair and transparent integration of such an approach for future violence prevention work. The collection of systematic data in Chicago will allow the research team to advance the basic science in this area while, at the same time, using quasi-experimental treatment methods to evaluate the utility of this approach in reducing gunshot injuries among the highest risk populations. Such a networked approach to gun violence promises to produce more cost-effective allocations of resources, maximize current partnerships to increase net effectiveness of violence reduction strategies, and reduce the number of negative contacts individuals have with the criminal justice system thereby increasing perceptions of legitimacy and fairness.
Effective start/end date5/1/204/30/23


  • Laura and John Arnold Foundation (9-02845)


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