Epidemiology of Chronic Pelvic Pain

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DESCRIPTION (Provided by Applicant):The primary aim of this application is to obtain novel information aboutchronic pelvic pain of bladder origin (CPPBO) in order to determine themagnitude of the problem and its cost to society. This study builds on ourongoing collaborative work with the NIH Chronic Prostatitis CollaborativeClinical Research Study, in which demographics, risk factors, quality of life,and health resource utilization are being evaluated in men with chronic voidingsymptoms and pelvic pain. These studies are ongoing, and we will utilizesimilar methods in men and women in order to obtain consistent data forcomparison between the sexes. The specific aims are: 1) to assess theprevalence and incidence of CPPBO. A clinically useful definition of thesyndrome will be described, and this definition will be used to assess theprevalence of the syndrome in a large, diverse patient population. Using thesame definition, the incidence of new cases will subsequently be determinedover a three-year time period; 2) to determine risk factors for the developmentof CPPBO. A case-control study will be performed using age- and gender-matchedcontrols in order to evaluate for medical conditions and lifestyle factorswhich are associated with the syndrome; and 3) to evaluate the effect of CPPBOon patient quality of life and health resource utilization.To conduct this study, two populations will be utilized. A database of patientsfrom the Kaiser Permanente Foundation Hospitals in Oregon will be used toassess population prevalence and incidence rates and direct medical costs.Questionnaires will be mailed to a random sample of the Kaiser Permanentepatients to obtain detailed information about symptoms and quality of life(QOL). In addition, patients diagnosed with CPPBO at the Northwestern MemorialFaculty Foundation Urology Clinic will undergo a more extensive questionnaireevaluation to analyze medical and lifestyle risk factors for the presence ofCPPBO and to obtain additional QOL and health resource utilization information.Answers from the Urology clinic patients will be compared with those of age-andgender-matched controls in a case-control study design.This project will provide novel, population-based epidemiologic informationabout chronic pelvic pain of bladder origin in both men and women, and willhelp to further define the public health burden of this extremely commoncondition.
Effective start/end date9/15/018/31/06


  • National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (5 U01 DK060177-05)


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