Establishment of a Center of Journalism Excellence

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Medill intends to partner with ICFJ as a sub-recipient if ICFJ’s proposal for the three-year program to establish the Center is successful. The program’s sponsor is the U.S. Embassy-Islamabad, Public Affairs Section. We will work to build the capacity of our Pakistani partner organization, the Karachi School of Business and Leadership (KBSL), to operate the Center. We will design and implement 30 modules of curriculum in a range of necessary topics in journalism and media management. Medill and ICFJ will provide expert faculty and consultants to lead the courses. During the program, Medill will also host eight Pakistanis for six months (two quarters) at Northwestern University to groom them for positions of leadership at the Center. We anticipate that the work of our partnership across three years will leave the Center with robust human and material resources and a firm and sustainable foundation for continued growth and service to Pakistani media and their audiences.
Effective start/end date5/1/1412/31/17


  • International Center for Journalists (Agmt Signed 5/8/14 // Agmt Signed 5/8/14)
  • Department of State (Agmt Signed 5/8/14 // Agmt Signed 5/8/14)


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