Evaluation and Impact of Street Outreach and Violence Interruption in Chicago

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In Year 3, N3 will fully expand the evaluation to include new CP4P partners and continue data collection and analyses. The research team will: 1. Provide regular updates to the CP4P Executive Committee and MPI Evaluation Team; 2. Produce a research brief on preliminary (and expanded) individual-level analyses, • Conduct—and possibly expand---updated individual analyses of participant level outcomes (building off the February 2021 analyses) focusing on impact of CP4P on involvement in gun violence and positive survey indicators collected by CP4P organizations. • Attempt analysis of recidivism rates among participants and, if feasible, conduct impact analyses on recidivism patterns among participants. 3. Produce a research brief on expanded neighborhood level analyses (building off the March 2020 neighborhood level analysis); • Conduct supplemental neighborhood level analyses of community area-level patterns of arrest and victimizations using multiple quasi-experimental methods. 4. Help develop a module for the Metropolitan Peace Academy on the importance of data and research for violence prevention efforts; 5. Produce additional qualitative briefs from interviews with participants; 6. If statistically possible, provide an analysis of the impact of Light in the Night events and activities; 7. Produce a comprehensive, final report with results from the quasi-experimental study of CP4P participants; and 8. Disseminate research findings through N3, Northwestern, and partner channels, and present findings at local and/or national events and conferences.
Effective start/end date4/1/212/28/23


  • Metropolitan Family Services (Papachristos AGMT 6/22/21)


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