Evaluation Center Extension to Evaluate PrEP Implementation and Data to Care Services

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This application, “Evaluation Center Extension to Evaluate PrEP Implementation and Data to Care Services,” seeks funding under Category C (Evaluation). Our proposal will build upon the success of the “Center for the Evaluation of HIV Prevention Programs in Chicago” (Evaluation Center) that brings together the diverse expertise of researchers and evaluators from Northwestern University and the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. The Evaluation Center has the following aims. First, we will collaborate with the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) and agencies funded under Categories A and B (PrEP Implementation and Data to Care, respectively) to develop and execute rigorous evaluation plans that focus on implementation, process, and outcome evaluations. For the implementation evaluation, agencies will report on their intervention and service delivery, noting fidelity assessments and service modifications. For the process evaluation, agency performance data submitted to CDPH Evaluation Web and quarterly reports will be used to assess use of resources, project reach, and adherence to evaluation goals. For the outcome evaluation, multiple data sources will be used to evaluate effectiveness of the interventions based on outcomes at the client (e.g., PrEP uptake, HIV medication adherence), clinic (e.g., PrEP clinical monitoring, re-engagement in HIV care), and community levels (e.g., reduction in HIV transmissions). Second, the Evaluation Center will leverage their current evaluation of 20 CDPH-funded HIV prevention projects to conduct a review of the implementation science to support improved uptake and reach of evidence-based interventions. And third, the Evaluation Center will survey sites about their organizational networks to generate a picture of prevention partnerships across the city. Through our proposed evaluation activities, we aim to inform public health practice and policy to promote health equity in Chicago’s most disadvantaged communities.
Effective start/end date6/1/169/29/18


  • Chicago Department of Public Health (CONTRACT PO #42045/236320/50105365/ // CONTRACT PO #42045/236...)
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CONTRACT PO #42045/236320/50105365/ // CONTRACT PO #42045/236...)


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