Evaluation of an Intervention to Improve Academic Outcomes for Low-Income Urban Youth through Instruction in Effective Coping Supported by Mentoring Relationships

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The Northwestern site will serve as one site for the RCT providing undergraduate mentors to low-income students in the Chicago public schools. Throughout all years, the PI and co-I will attend cross-site meetings to plan the intervention protocol, study measures, logistics of data collection, and data analyses and dissemination. In year 1, the Northwestern site will engage in preparations for launching the RCT and creating the university infrastructure necessary at Northwestern. In years 2-4, Northwestern will conduct their portion of the RCT utilizing Northwestern undergraduates as mentors, with the PI overseeing supervision and study protocol fidelity. In year 5, the PI and co-I will participate in discussions about data analyses and the co-I will lead dissemination efforts for the entire study team (across all sites).
Effective start/end date7/1/216/30/26


  • DePaul University (501600SG2205//R305A210263)
  • Institute of Education Sciences (501600SG2205//R305A210263)


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