Evaluation of CDI Orientation Training for Clinicians in Saudi Arabia

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Donna Woods, EdM, PhD, Northwestern faculty will oversee the development of Learning Objectives for the new Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Training curriculum and will conduct a review of the CDI Train the Trainers Orientation curriculum and training materials. Working in collaboration with RCH – Kaplan company leadership and the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health (CIBAHI) we will review this training for delivery in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Woods will develop and oversee the evaluation of the effectiveness of the CDI Orientation Training for Trainers to achieve the Training Learning Objectives. Dr. Woods will travel to Saudi Arabia to observe the conduct of the CDI Orientation Training. Components of the evaluation will include: participant experience/satisfaction, direct observation of the Training, supervision, and feedback to the Trainers. Evaluation of the training will also include a learner knowledge and skill self-assessment. Dr. Woods will also provide an evaluation of the effectiveness of the CDI Orientation Trainers skills delivering the training.
Effective start/end date7/2/187/2/19


  • Revenue Cycle for Healthcare Consulting, LLC (AGMT 7/30/18)
  • Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (AGMT 7/30/18)


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