Evaluation of Empowering Women in Factories Program II

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      The Empowering Women in Factories Project will provide women with basic and advanced training. Additionally male workers and supervisors will be trained as well. This program will create a closed environment within the factory to demonstrate how training and advancing women workers can be beneficial both to women and to the factory. In order to ensure that the program will achieve the greatest impact and to demonstrate that impact an evaluation is needed. The evaluation will: * Measure the program's effectiveness in achieving desired health and social outcomes over five years; * Assess the program's contribution to the participating factories' short and long-term business imperatives; * Inform program revisions and growth as Empowering Women in Factories extends from its initial years and factories to subsequent years and additional factories, including in other countries; and * Build a compelling business case that will foster broad, sustaining and supplier-led empowerment implementation over time. Northwestern University and DAI, along with its collaborating resource, Mission Measurement, Inc., have partnered to support Empowering Women in Factories program with a comprehensive, outcomes-based and learning-oriented evaluation. The evaluation will track the implementation of Empowering Women in Factories in Bangladesh and India, including its 10-15 hour health and wellness "general" training for workers; the 80-100-hour leadership and management training at the same factories; and additional activities aimed at supporting the achievement of the program's overall objectives. (Outlined in the issues above). The Northwestern University Consortium brings the Buffet Center at Northwestern as the convener of workshops to include the academic community and ensure the rigor of the evaluation; DAI as the international development partner with deep overseas expertise and a methodology in evaluation of international projects; and Mission Measurement with its domestic expertise in evaluating the impact of social return on investment. This unique partnership brings the credibility and authority to ensure a comprehensive, outcomes-based evaluation plus a learning loop for improving the ongoing program and the evaluation over time. Proposed Program Location : Bangladesh, India, El Salvador and Honduras: Proposed State/City/District/Department: Dhaka, Bangalore, San Salvador and Tegucigalpa
      Effective start/end date6/1/135/31/14


      • Wal-Mart Foundation (Agmt 06/05/2013)


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