Expanded Testing and Linkage to Care (XTLC)

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1. Nanette will be a consultant on public health initiatives by the Section of Infectious Diseases and Global health mainly related to HIV prevention, HIV treatment, and HCV testing and linkage to care. 2. Help mentor our fellows and junior faculty who are working on public health research related to HIV and HCV. In particular, she will be able to assist with assessing surveillance data to guide our expanded HIV testing and linkage to care activities. We will try to work with CDPH to estimate the number of undiagnosed individuals on the South Side of Chicago using back calculation methodology. We will also get her advice on programs to improved rates of retention in care. Finally, help us with the use of big data to study interventions that improve engagement in all steps in the cascade of care. 3. Help with public health related grant submissions. 4. She will also help with writing manuscripts related to our implementation and clinical research projects. 5. Liaison with national and local public health groups.
Effective start/end date4/1/169/30/18


  • The University of Chicago (FP055114-03-A // FP055114-03-A)
  • Gilead Sciences, Inc (FP055114-03-A // FP055114-03-A)


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