Expanding the impact of integrated quality of life endpoints in multiple myeloma study E1A11

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The treatment landscape of multiple myeloma is rapidly moving, with precision medicine, immunology, imaging, and quality of life (QoL) studies embedded in clinical trials, carrying the potential to further modify standard of care. In this context, QoL instruments must be reliable and provide interpretable answers that benefit patients. Properly-designed QoL assessments can lead to the evaluation of treatment targets, reduce morbidity, predict treatment effectiveness, and help identify clinical sub-populations that might benefit from -- or be harmed by -- various treatments. We propose analyses from this trial E1A11 to address these goals. Importantly, this trial offers a unique opportunity to assess the utility of the various components of the QoL measurement in the context of equivalent efficacy outcomes that is often thought to subconsciously impact patient responses, and with different toxicity profiles. In the proposed project, Dr.Cella will contribute psychometric expertise, guide and oversee all statistical analyses, and contribute to resultsinterpretation, presentation, and manuscript preparation. Dr. Peipert will use this expertise to lead psychometric andstatistical analyses on the proposed project, working in collaboration with the ECOG-ACRIN Statistical Center at Dana Farber. He will also develop presentations and manuscripts and participate in conferences to disseminate results from analyses.
Effective start/end date8/1/207/31/21


  • ECOG-ACRIN Medical Research Foundation, Inc. (UG1CA189828-07-NWU5-E1A11//3UG1CA189828-07S2)
  • National Cancer Institute (UG1CA189828-07-NWU5-E1A11//3UG1CA189828-07S2)


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