Experimental and clinical studies of a novel antimicrobial peptide regulator of mycobiome commensalism in health and IBD

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This project will be a collaboration between a laboratory-based scientist (Chang) and a clinical investigator (Hanauer) who have a proven track record of synergy based on nearly 30 years of collaborative research in IBD. In this project, we will test the following hypotheses: (1) that PC-PYY has a unique role as a defensin in specifically maintaining states of fungal commensalism in the gut. (2) Defects associated with ileal CD that include Paneth cell and mucosal Meprin B dysfunction are associated with decreased PYY expression, secretion, and bioconversion, (3) Decreased PC-PYY bioavailability and function are associated with increased intestinal load and virulent states of the mycobiota.
Effective start/end date12/1/155/31/17


  • The University of Chicago (FP061974 // 2015-954)
  • Kenneth Rainin Foundation (FP061974 // 2015-954)


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