Facilitating Patient Reported Outcome Measurement for Key Conditions

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Background: Although consensus is emerging on the importance of incorporating patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) in comparative effectiveness research, barriers to the adoption of PROMs remain, including: the lack of non-proprietary measures for many conditions; the inability to cross walk measures across different survey instruments; the high respondent burden associated with most survey instruments; and uncertainty about the most efficient and effective modes of survey administration, especially in routine clinical practice. Objectives: This proposal builds on the PROMIS initiative and ongoing collection of PROMs in the CMMI-funded High Value Healthcare Collaborative (HVHC) Innovation award to accomplish the following objectives: (1) Build comprehensive PROMIS item banks and fixed item surveys for the major functional and quality of life domains relevant to patients with heart failure, knee and hip osteoarthritis and back pain; (2) Develop cross walks, where possible, between the PROMIS measures and the major proprietary and non-proprietary PROMs for these conditions; (3) Develop, test and implement a user-friendly interface to support computer adaptive testing (CAT) administration of these PROMIS item banks in both web-based and EHR-integrated settings; and (4) Compare the impact of different modes and settings of survey administration - such as fixed item vs CAT or research team vs routine practice settings - on response rates, respondent burden, data completeness and accuracy. Patient Outcomes: This project will contribute to improving outcomes for patients by (1) creating a PROMIS library of validated non-proprietary survey instruments and tools that will enable providers to adopt these measures more broadly and at lower costs; (2) advancing our understanding of how best to implement these measures in diverse clinical settings; (3) enhancing the value of existing registries by adding non-proprietary PRO measures; (4) supporting the broad adoption of these new measures within the HVHC research network, building an important foundation for further comparative effectiveness research studies.
Effective start/end date10/1/131/31/18


  • Dartmouth College (1386R110 // ME-1303-5928)
  • Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (1386R110 // ME-1303-5928)


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