Developing Topological Insulator Fiber based Photon Pairs Source for Ultrafast Optoelectronic Applications

  • Lee, Kim Fook (PD/PI)

Project: Research project

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The goal of this proposal is to generate photon pairs in a nanolayer topological insulator (TI: Bi2Se3) deposited on an end-facet of an optical fiber. The large Kerr nonlinearity and fast optical response of magneto-optical effect due to surface state of TI can be expected to integrate the photon-pair source with terahertz optoelectronic devices. The purity of the photon pairs and the quality of entanglement generated through this new state of nonlinearity will be studied through photon-counting techniques. We intend to quantify the purity of the photon pairs by measuring the coincidence to accidental coincidence ratio (CAR). We then use a modified version of a counter propagating scheme for generating two-photon polarization entangled state. We intend to study the use of magnetic control of the (3)-nonlinear susceptibility and phase matching compensation of linear dispersion via the Faraday Effect to modify, activate and de-activate entangled photon-pair production. Theoretical and experimental studies for the generation and enhancement of photon-pair production will be conducted.
Effective start/end date4/23/1512/23/15


  • Air Force Research Laboratory (FA8750-15-1-0117)


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