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Our current need draws on the success of the Field Studies in Business Culture, Online (FSBCO) course, for which demand has thus far exceeded available supply. We request support from the Upton Foundation to continue and expand the number of sections of the online course, which affords much needed flexibility for students who aspire to complete internships outside of the Chicago area to participate in CFS programming. At the same time, CFS is committed to providing internship opportunities to all students who seek them, regardless of economic background. Although the courses and internships do not carry a separate tuition bill, there are costs involved that cause hardship for some students. Work study students may sacrifice income in order to participate in internships, and students who would otherwise live on campus need to find additional funds for transportation and meals during their internship term outside of Chicago.
Effective start/end date9/1/168/31/20


  • Frederick S. Upton Foundation (App No.: 5526)


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