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Chicago Field Studies at Northwestern University seeks funds from the Frederick S. Upton Foundation for the instruction to continue the online course, Field Studies in Business Culture Online (FSBCO) and to add either more sections or preferably develop and add another Field Studies course, related to business and taught via online. The online delivery of course affords much needed flexibility for students who aspire to complete internships, outside of the Chicago area as well as within the Illinois region. Currently CFS offers 6 to 7 FSBCO courses a year, one each quarter (which is funded by the Foundation) and 3 to 4 each summer (funded by Summer Session). With the renewal of the Foundation’s support, CFS would either expand the course offerings of FSBCO during the academic year from 6-7 a year to 8-9 a year (including the summer, when we offer 3-4 sections because of student demand for FSBCO), or with the Frederick S. Upton Foundation support, we aim to develop and deliver a new online course and offer this at least twice a year. The grant would fund most of the costs of instruction as well as curricular development.
Effective start/end date9/1/20 → 8/31/23


  • Frederick S. Upton Foundation (Grant Date: 5/18/2020)


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