Florida's Office of Early Learning Sunshine Portal Project

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As Northwestern University Site PI, Dr. Sherlock will: • Continue to assist in the assessment of accuracy and representativeness of data received by agencies for which data sharing agreements are established for the Sunshine portal and the early childhood integrated data system. • Review and support revision of data processing strategies used to construct the measures of early childhood health and social support services. • Collaborate with the Sunshine State Early Childhood Information Portal research team to select and implement appropriate research methodology to answer research questions jointly developed with the PDG State Advisory Council. • Participate in weekly lab meetings to provide status updates. • Contribute to the development of mid-year and final progress report of findings to be shared with The Florida Office of Early Learning. • Assist in the automation of localized reports of early childhood care and education mixed service delivery system • Contribute to the construction of The Sunshine State Early Childhood Information Portal
Effective start/end date7/22/206/30/22


  • University of Florida (SUB00002383//P0177546//90TP0068-01-00)
  • Administration for Children and Families (SUB00002383//P0177546//90TP0068-01-00)


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