(Frankel Foundation Transplant Grants) Refinement and Testing of a Novel Direct Skeletal Attachment System to Improve the Lives of Wounded Warriors

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Our goal is to develop a safe and healthy system that will enable chronic percutaneous (through the skin) devices. Such a system could have many applications; however, we are focused on developing a direct skeletal attachment system for amputees. With this system a rod would be implant in the end of the bone of an amputee’s residual limb, go through the skin and then be able to attach to that persons artificial leg or arm. Attaching the rod in the bone is the easy part; we have doing this with artificial joint replacements for over 30 years. Having a stable system to keep a healthy skin seal around the rod is the hard part. We have a multidimensional plan to realize this goal. This plan includes a novel concept with a highly engineered disk around the percutaneous rod that is also treated with PGF (a substance to stimulate blood vessel grow into the disk) that will help fight infection. We will also use some of the patients own tendons to make a stress shield so the skin is not pulled at the skin disk interface. Finally, we are building upon our promising preliminary work in animal models and device design.
Effective start/end date4/1/163/31/22


  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital (Agreement 8/8/16 (Exhibit B.1))


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