FSH Glycoforms and Ovarian Signaling

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My research team will be responsible for executing the experiments proposed in Aim 3 which are focused on determining the effect of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) glycoforms on follicle function and gamete development and quality in an age-dependent manner. We will isolate ovarian follicles (early secondary stage) from reproductively young and old mice and grow them in an alginate-based in vitro follicle growth system in the presence or absence of the different FSH glycoforms. We will evaluate signaling pathways as well as follicle endpoints (growth and survival, hormone production, and antral follicle formation), ovulation endpoints (rupture, luteinization, cumulus expansion), and gamete endpoints (oocyte diameter, meiotic progression, aneuploidy, and fertilization capacity).
Effective start/end date4/16/213/31/26


  • University of Colorado Denver (FY22.1115.001_AMD2 // 5R01HD103384-03)
  • National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (FY22.1115.001_AMD2 // 5R01HD103384-03)


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