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Over the next year, Northwestern Geriatrics will serve as a training foundation for the training of emergency medicine nurses and staff in geriatrics medicine to support the educational mission of US Acute Care Solutions. • In partnering with US Acute Care Solutions, Drs. Lindquist and Bradley will serve as faculty in teaching geriatrics • Teaching in geriatrics will start with an intensive training on-site at Northwestern which will be tailored to the learners. • The intensive training on-site will include the following: Didactic lectures, case studies & discussions, clinical preceptorship in geriatrics-centered service lines (e.g. nursing home, home-care/independent living, memory care, assisted living, clinic, emergency department). • Drs. Lindquist and Bradley will refine the GEDI training manual and curriculum to fit the intensive sessions
Effective start/end date6/1/1812/31/18


  • US Acute Care Solutions, LLC (AGMT 11/19/18 // AGMT 11/19/18)
  • Gary and Mary West Health Institute (AGMT 11/19/18 // AGMT 11/19/18)


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