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This competitive renewal proposal is a request for continued funding of a broadly based pre- andpostdoctoral training program in General Motor Control Mechanisms and Disease from NorthwesternUniversity. The program is directed by D. James Surmeier, PhD with the assistance of Indira Raman, PhD(Associate Director) and a Steering Committee. Trainees will conduct their research under the guidance of43 preceptors working in motor control research from 14 departments spanning the Chicago and Evanstoncampuses of Northwestern University. The proposal requests support for 5 postdoctoral and 3 predoctoraltrainees. Postdoctoral trainees will be selected on the basis of previous trianing and research plan.Predoctoral trainees will be selected from Northwestern University’s Interdepartmental Neuroscience PhDProgram (NUIN) on the basis of performance in courses, laboratory rotations and the relevance ofdissertation research to the goals of the training program. A concerted effort will be made to continuerecruiting minorities to the program. The program offers a broad range of interdisciplinary research andtraining opportunities in the neuroscience of somatic and autonomic motor control. The research ofparticipating preceptors spans molecular, cellular, systems, clinical, behavioral and computationalneuroscience. The preceptor faculty will assist and monitor trainee progress through formal advising andevaluations, through the classroom and through informal discussions (in journal clubs, lab meetings andresearch clubs). An important feature of the training program is that it brings together researchers infundamental and clincal neurocience, providing a highly productive, interdisciplinary research environmentfor trainees in motor control and related motor system diseases at Northwestern University. In addition toproviding research training, the program will help trainees develop skills in written and oral communication,grant writing/grantsmanship, networking and career development. Instilling a clear awareness of ethicalissues facing neuroscientists and responsible conduct in science will be another training goal.
Effective start/end date7/1/186/30/23


  • National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (5T32NS041234-18)


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