Generation of Circulating Tumor Cell-Derived Breast Cancer Patient-Derived-Xenograft Models for Basic Research and Preclinical Studies

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    PDX tumors represent the original clinical cancer more closely than established cell lines on plastics which might have lost the requirement of interactions with the stroma, and offer a powerful tool for studying tumor biology and for evaluating anticancer drug treatment. Several reports have demonstrated the feasibility of established CTC-derived PDX models by directly injecting freshly isolated CTCs from patients. In this proposal, we will use CTCs from metastatic triple negative breast cancer patients with and without CTC clusters to generate PDXs, and compare them with the PDXs generated from metastatic lesions such as pleural effusions.We aim to examine the tumorigenic potential of 10 pairs of CTC specimens collected from patients with or without CTC clusters, and their corresponding metastatic lesion-derived PDXs and we will compare their engraftment rate and metastatic ability during this one year project. Our long-term goal of this research is to utilize these models for basic cancer research, and preclinical drug screening, biomarker discovery and personalized treatment.
    Effective start/end date9/1/1711/30/18


    • Northwestern Memorial Hospital (Agmt 11/17/17)


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