Genetic Analysis of Beneficial Bacterial Colonization

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Hank Seifert, PhD, will undertake with the PI (Mark Mandel, PhD) a collaborative effort to characterize V. fischeri genes that contribute to bobtail squid colonization. Trainees Dr. Rotman, Ms. Tarnowski, and Ms. Murphy will construct mutant libraries for identification and characterization of biofilm regulatory factors and squid colonization factors. We will prepare constructs and bacterial strains, and the PI will proceed to test the strains in the squid colonization assay.

Data will be distributed through electronic communications using private data repositories available at both institutions. Upon publication, data (and any custom tools/code required to generate the data) will be deposited in a public repository.
Effective start/end date9/1/175/31/21


  • University of Wisconsin-Madison (790K182//7R35GM119627-03)
  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences (790K182//7R35GM119627-03)


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