Genetics and quantum chemistry as tools for unknown metabolite identification

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Description of work to be performed at Northwestern University (Andersen lab):
We will contribute to Specific Aim 1.
To complete Aim 1, we will preform the following steps:
• Aid in the design and implementation of sample preparation for wild isolates and deletion strains
• Create a single large batch of E. coli food to use for all metabolite studies
• Aid in the design and implementation of C. elegans sorting experiments to get pure samples for metabolite extractions
• Perform genome-wide association studies for metabolites across a large collection of wild C. elegans strains
• Relate these GWA mapping results to deletion studies performed by other members of the consortium
Effective start/end date9/1/186/30/22


  • University of Georgia (SUB00001824//U2CES030167)
  • National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (SUB00001824//U2CES030167)


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