Genome-wide single-molecule analysis of human replication kinetics

  • Yang, Hongbo (PD/PI)

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Statement of work My group will collect all of the Bionano Saphyr data proposed in the grant application. I estimate that this will entail approximately 1000-fold coverage of the human genome each year. For this, we will receive frozen cell pellets, prepare samples and run approximately 12 Saphyr flow cells per year. We will collect the data and run the Bionano data analysis pipeline to localize fluorescent incorporation signals on mapped DNA molecules. We will send this data to your lab for identification of replication tracks and analysis of origin and fork locations. In addition to the primary data acquisition, I am enthusiastic about participating in the analysis of replication origins, replication fork progression and the genomic features that regulate them. My lab has significant expertise and a long-standing interest in the role of chromatin context in the regulation of genome biology and we are eager to apply this expertise to the study of replication dynamics.
Effective start/end date8/1/197/31/22


  • University of Massachusetts Medical School (OSP27340-01 // 5R01GM125872-02)
  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences (OSP27340-01 // 5R01GM125872-02)


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