Geophysical Feedbacks between Fluid-Assisted Sediment Fracture, Compaction and Faulting

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The grain-scale processes that control the physico-chemical alteration of fluid-infiltrated rocks are pivotal to explain the spatiotemporal patterns of fracture, compaction, and faulting in the lithosphere. This project will advance our knowledge in this area by formulating and validating hypotheses about the interplay between time-dependent fracture, fluid-assisted comminution, and petrophysical attributes as grain size, sorting, and mineralogy. To this goal, it is proposed to formulate a rate-dependent framework for granular sediments by establishing scaling laws reconciling the process of crack growth with the kinetics of comminution.
Effective start/end date7/1/178/15/23


  • Department of Energy (DE-SC0017615 0004)


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