Gerardin Subproject: COVID-19 surveillance in Illinois: Trends, disparities, and design

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Description: The Peter G. Peterson Foundation Pandemic Response Policy Research Fund (the “Fund”), established with a $1 million grant from the Foundation, will make awards to selected applicants in order to fund certain pandemic-related research projects. Purpose: To advance understanding of effective policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and improve future preparedness through support for Northwestern University’s pioneering and interdisciplinary research on the U.S. economy and healthcare system. Research Project Selection Process:  Rapid grant application process: One or two funding rounds in response to call(s) for proposals promoted through Northwestern’s internal communications and through online convenings, as appropriate  Selection committee: 3-6 faculty leaders, including representatives from the Office of Research, the Institute for Policy Research, the Kellogg School of Management, and the Feinberg School of Medicine, will evaluate the proposals through a rigorous selection process and make recommendations to the Vice President for Research. The Committee will represent a diversity of disciplines, experience and backgrounds  Consultation: The Committee is encouraged to consult with Foundation and Center staff during the review process for each funding round to promote alignment with the Foundation’s and Center’s objectives and to mitigate potential reputational risks for Peterson.
Effective start/end date3/1/218/31/23


  • Peter G. Peterson Foundation (21048)


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