Geriatric Emergency care Applied Research network 2.0 - Advancing Dementia Care (GEAR 2.0 ADC)

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The Northwestern University site, under the leadership of Co-Investigator Scott Dresden, will provide the following services to the Geriatric Emergency care Applied Research network 2.0 – Advancing Dementia Care (MPI Hwang/Shah):• Participate in the GEAR 2.0 executive committee.• Co-lead the GEAR 2.0 research core. • Contribute expertise and guidance in research study design, measurement, emergency medicine, geriatrics, dementia, quality improvement implementation, patient-centered outcomes, function, frailty, models of care.• Liaise with local, regional, and national ADRC and Alzheimer’s Association programs as beneficial to advancing the GEAR 2.0 specific aims and advancing emergency care for persons with dementia.• Promote networking, synergistic, and sustainability opportunities with transdisciplinary specialties and organizations that are aligned with specific aims and mission of GEAR 2.0 • Synthesize evidence of measures to identify Persons with Dementia (PwD) in the ED and clinical outcome assessments for PwD which may be applicable to emergency care• Collaborate with the Data core to define best practices for data collection to identify PWD in the ED through electronic health records and to define best practices for measurement of Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) which can be captured through EHRs and administrative databases.• Consult on the design of pilot studies, including sample size estimation, randomization, strategies to prevent or reduce missing data, and statistical analysis plan.• Assist pilot study leaders in interpretation of study results in statistically responsible and clinically meaningful ways• Participate in weekly conference calls per year for years 1-2, monthly calls during years 3-5 that will be required for systematic review coordination, organizing and leading the GEAR 2.0 task force, providing administrative and leadership support for GEAR 2.0 daily operations.• Attend GEAR 2.0 stakeholder consensus conference year 2, attend annual executive committee in-person meetings, organize and host an executive in-person meetings, attend strategic planning meeting year 4.• Conduct systematic review, lead refinement of research priority questions, summarize and present review findings at the consensus conference, discuss and vote or rank priorities on emergency care for persons with dementia during year 1.• Provide guidance in the administration, solicitation, receipt of, review of, and selection of pilot proposal applications for GEAR 2.0, years 2-5. • Execute business agent agreements and data use agreements for the GEDC Research Data Warehouse as a participating Geriatric Emergency Department Collaborative (GEDC) site.• Assist in editing, publication, and dissemination of findings.
Effective start/end date9/30/2012/31/22


  • Yale University (GR113862 (CON-80003141)//1R61AG069822-01 REVISED)
  • National Institute on Aging (GR113862 (CON-80003141)//1R61AG069822-01 REVISED)


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