Getting to know their data doubles: An inquiry into student perceptions of privacy issues associated with academic library participation in learning analytics

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The grant project seeks to understand student perspectives of academic library participation in learning analytic initiatives with a focus on issues around student privacy. This is a three year project in which Michael Perry, Head of Assessment and Planning at Northwestern University Libraries, will participate in the following ways: • Year One: Conducting preliminary interviews with students about learning analytics initiatives and privacy issues. • Year Two: Use the interview findings as the foundations to construct, test, and deploy a survey to undergraduate and graduate students. Follow up the survey with focus groups to further investigate the finds of the survey. • Year Three: Disseminate the findings in scholarship via conference presentations as well as workshops at Northwestern.
Effective start/end date5/1/184/30/22


  • Indiana University (IN-4370124-NU // LG-96-18-0044-18)
  • Institute of Museum and Library Services (IN-4370124-NU // LG-96-18-0044-18)


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