Glycemic Observation Using A1C for Gestational Diabetes Diagnosis

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Northwestern University Data Analysis and Coordinating Center (NUDACC). NUDACC will take the lead role in data and statistical components for the proposed project, in addition to project manager involvement for the successful conduct of the study. Dr. Scholtens is Director of NUDACC and PI of the Biostatistics Research Center for the parent GO MOMs study. Dr. Scholtens will serve as the senior statistician for the current proposal, overseeing study design and conduct, specifying statistical analysis plans, interpreting results and contribution to dissemination of findings through publications and presentations. She will also oversee continuity of this proposed ancillary study with the parent GO MOMs study. Ms. Grott will assume primary responsibility for REDCap database development, data dictionary maintenance and preparation of data files for statistical analysis. Mr. Kuang will be primarily responsible for all statistical programming for the study and will contribute to generation of study results including tables and figures for publication. Ms. Bustamante will provide project management for the study, overseeing transfer of samples to the central laboratory, ensuring timely receipt of data and performing other troubleshooting as needed.
Effective start/end date6/15/225/31/27


  • Massachusetts General Hospital (241200//1R01HD104756-01A1)
  • National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (241200//1R01HD104756-01A1)


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