Growing the Chicago Movement Coalition: An academic-community partnership for Parkinson’s education in underserved communities

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With PF CORE grant support, the CMC aims to achieve the following objectives for Phase 2: 1. Expand the outreach catchment area Include partnership with University of Chicago, and host Workshops in diverse neighborhoods of South Chicago Establish new partnerships with additional underserved populations of Chicago. To date, the CMC Leadership and community activities have included African American and Hispanic populations. Going forward, the CMC will address the marginalized Asian and Polish populations by establishing community partnerships and hosting Workshops (leveraging interpreter and translation services when applicable). 2. Develop and implement specifically-designed Educational Workshops for healthcare professionals in underserved areas. Our goal is to increase awareness of PD, specifically newly diagnosed PD, and provide information of ongoing initiatives, including but not limited to PD genetic testing.
Effective start/end date7/1/2012/31/21


  • Parkinson's Foundation, Inc. (PF-CORE_2013)


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