Habitability and Observational Prospects of Rocky Exoplanets Evaluated with 3D Chemistry-Climate Models

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To investigate the environmental and observational constraints of rocky habitable zone planets, I will employa3D globalchemistry-climate model to study terrestrial planetary atmospheres and their imprints on observable spectra.At their thematic core, the proposed research goals seek to build a better understanding of terrestrial exoplanet habitability and biosignature behavior as a function of observationally-informed stellar spectral data and self-consistent flux-orbit configurations. Specifically, I propose to use 3D CCMs to:
(a) Evaluate inner habitable zone boundaries with interactive chemistry and climate.
(b) Assess influence of M-dwarf stellar activity on biosignature concentrations and distributions.
(c) Translate CCM out puts into transmission, emission, and reflected light spectra to guide observational efforts.
Effective start/end date9/1/1912/31/21


  • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (80NSSC19K1523-P0001)


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